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أفضل خمس نصائح لكسب المال من AdSense five best tips for make money from adsense

أفضل خمس نصائح لكسب المال من AdSense
five best tips for make money from adsense.

(1) إذا كنت ترغب في تعظيم الأرباح الخاصة بك، تأكد من إنشاء أكثرمن موقع ويب واحد .

(1) If you want to maximize your profits, make sure to create more than one Web site.

However, you do not want to start with the creation of 100 websites. Maintenance for that many sites, initially, would be hectic. Have only a single website would be easier to maintain, it increases your chances of being cut completely from the last update of the algorithm. So, you want to have some operational websites. So if a website on forces the latest algorithm, you have still a few others to generate revenues of during that you work on one hit.

(2) اختر مكانا للكتابة عن كل موقع.

(2) Choose a niche to write about each site.

Creating a site that deals with a subject under the moon may be easier to find the will to update, but it will make it difficult to create a constant traffic, it is difficult for the Google search engine classify your site and sow disorder, generating ads that are about the subject.

In addition, if you choose a topic to focus, you can go more in depth and develop expertise in this area. This makes your site more profitable for users and yourself.

(3)  إنشاء شئ انت مهتم به بشدة  !

(3) Create a something that you are interested already!

This Google Adsense tip has no meaning! What makes your site something you love makes more fun in the long run for you to continue to manage your site. If something is less like work, then you're more likely to do so. Constant updates on your site is good for traffic and engines research, which generates clicks on your ads.

However, do not create a something site that is not in demand. Just because you like studying rare deep water fish does not mean that everyone does. If you want to maximize your profits, you need to provide information about something that is going to be researching the public.

(4) عدم وضع جوجل ادسنس على موقع العلامة التجارية الجديدة!

(4) Not to put Google Adsense on a brand new site!

When you create a new site, wait until you have completed the site you have built inbound links, and you get traffic. A whole new site can leave your views are off subject and difficult to follow.

Also, if you try to apply to Google Adsense too early when your site is brand new, you will most likely be deported. Google wants to know that your site has enough traffic that put their ads on your page will be profitable for them and you. They do not lose time on beginner or spam sites.

(5) لا تضع صور بجانب الإعلانات الخاصة بك!

(5) Don't put images next to your ads!

While many people it's been years and it has worked successfully, it now against policy to do so. This is regarded as 'encouraging clicks', which is prohibited. If you do so, you can get more clicks for a bit, but you will be quickly taken and forbidden to have Adsense on your page. And once you're banned, you cannot recover your account in due form.

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DzTechNew - ديزاد تاك نيو

DzTechNew - ديزاد تاك نيو

DzTechNew - ديزاد تاك نيو

DzTechNew - ديزاد تاك نيو

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